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Off to SCAA in Seattle

I will be attending SCAA in Seattle next weekend, walking the floor on Saturday and Sunday.  Will have more details to share and be on the hunt for potential alpha and beta testers of the grinder . . . .


We have started production of the first ten grinder head units for the two burr option sizes.  Theoretically, grind times when used as an espresso grinder can deliver 20 grams in less than 1 second, but the goal is to profile the grind speed and control the ramp up by increasing the torque for a controlled start.  Delivery times can still be a few seconds and still provide the profiles we are looking for.

We will be able to program grinder profiles to specific coffee varietals or roast levels and include fully programmable variations for different brewing methods and drop weights, storing all settings securely in the cloud.

We have two methods of portion control including timed dispense while holding an espresso machine portafilter for high production bars.

The real challenge was to develop (for which we have submitted a patent application) a single touch point for left or right handed baristas to dose a single, double or triple shot of espresso (or any other third wave coffee dose) without having to look at a button pad or to hit the correct button on our built in touch screen.  I think we nailed it and it can even use the solution to spin the grinder in reverse at 10 rpm to make grinder adjustments without binding the burrs or wasting coffee.

We are going to incorporate the same interface into our next project to convert any existing espresso grinder into a grind-on-demand grinder without having to open or modify the grinder.  Converting old timer grinders and some automatic grinders will be a little more interesting, but I think we can do it, again, without opening the grinder.

We have also invented a new hopper design that provides for the removal of nearly all of the coffee beans from the grinder for changing blends without removing the hopper from the grinder.


This update is purposefully vague on specifics just to give an idea of what we are trying to do. Kind of a teaser.

For any more detail, you are going to have to corner me at SCAA.

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