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Servo for grinder adjustments

We are re-designing the head assembly to include a digital servo motor to automatically adjust the grinder for different brewing methods: French Press, Spiral, vacuum or espresso . . .

Each setting is pre-programmed and can be customized for different coffees and roasts.  Fine tuning the adjustments when used for espresso will be electronic and you will have the option to adjust both quantity and grind for calibration.

The servo will use a friction wheel for adjustments to facilitate simplified calibration on startup and when the burr sets are replaced (5,000 pounds minimum).  The grinder will spin in counter-rotation as the grinder adjusts automatically and you can watch the rotation of the dial assembly as it moves into position.  Should be very cool, I think.  Will have to figure out how to keep people from trying to adjust it by hand . . . .

We will be able to add bluetooth (BLE) connectivity this fall, which means that we can communicate with BLE scales and accommodate automatic grinder adjustments in response to flow rate changes.  Because the device acts as a server to the cloud, connecting to BLE scales when used on an espresso machine will allow for real time quality control monitoring at the enterprise level.

I know that things are taking forever, or at least it seems like it to me.  We will have actual pictures once the pieces come off the line.  We are still working on the base design and materials, so a completed test unit is still looking at mid summer.

We will at least be grinding coffee shortly.


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